Two Cycles is a system for performances in the urban environment composed in principle by two bicycles in motion. Every bicycle has a small laptop computer; the laptops are interconnected via a mobile ad-hoc wireless network. Thanks to the network the laptops can share data. The data shared by the computers is translated in real time into sound. Two Cycles has been performed three times: in Santa Barbara California in 2008, in Geneva Switzerland in 2008 and in Madrid Spain in 2010.

Info and Contact

Two Cycles is a project by Andres Burbano aburbano at Today the project runs almost 100% in free and open source software -linux, ubuntu, pude data, processing, etc-.

Maps ans Visualizations post performance

Map of Santa Barbara, California, 2008. In the background Map of Geneva Switzerland 2008.

Two Cycles Video Video 1 [quick time]

General Presentation of Two Cycles project and trajectory

Two Cycles Video Madrid Video 2 [quick time]

Two Cycles latest performance at Madrid 2010

Flyer Madrid Madrid flyer 2010 in Spanish.

Geneva flyer 2008
Santa Barbara flyer 2008.