Welcome to Greenhill School, where difference is our superpower.
From its inception in 1950 as a co-ed, nonsectarian school in the Dallas area, Greenhill has sought to champion that breadth of exposure often enhances depth of experience. Here, we aim to hold space for the host of identities, perspectives, and knowledges that our students, families, employees, and more bring to our community of communities. On our best days, we balance the critical need to see and honor the uniqueness in each of us while valuing that which unites us – our core values of excellence, integrity, compassion, and courage.
At Greenhill, this essential work of recognizing difference as an asset to authentic community is called Plural Commons. The formal definition states that Plural Commons is an environment where each person’s whole Self is welcomed, cared for, and seen as essential to the common good. Principally, Plural Commons is about relationships – how do you get them, grow them, and trust them? And, it is about surprises – are you open to the new, as well as seeing someone or something anew?
It is a dynamic time to be at Greenhill School, where we see meeting our mission as an act of service to our wider world. Whether you are a prospective or current student, family, or employee, have a look around to learn about some of the ways in which we seek to build community. Too, I would like to draw your attention to our philosophy statement, as well as our multi-year inclusion agenda.
We hope you are able to make yourself at home at Greenhill School, where difference is our superpower.
Best regards,
Dr. Marcus R. Ingram
Head of Equity & Inclusion
Head of Equity & Inclusion

Greenhill School’s Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Greenhill School affirms that a diverse and inclusive community built upon authentic relationships inspires discovery and consequential learning. Our belief in inclusion motivates us to seek meaningful engagement with the different identities, experiences, and worldviews that are represented in and beyond our School. We believe that the route to inclusive community is equity – all of us creating the conditions where each has what they need to participate fully in the life of the School and has the opportunity to reach their deepest potential. For Greenhill students, our commitment to equity and inclusion sets them on a path to engage respectfully and purposefully as local and global citizens.

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