Throughout its history, Greenhill School has relied on the generosity of the community in the pursuit of excellence. Bernard Fulton 而且 three other founders went without their salaries in the early years to support the launch of the school. Their sacrifice set a powerful example - one that has been repeated over 而且 over throughout the School’s 70-year history. Time 而且 time again, committed stakeholders have stepped up to the plate with a shared purpose - a belief that the vision for a top-tier, 在读幼儿园之前 - Grade 12 co-educational 学术 institution in the Dallas area should become a reality. 事实也确实如此.
We are grateful for the continued support of our parents, 校友, 爷爷奶奶, parents of 校友, 教师, staff 而且 friends. It is through the unparalleled dedication of the Greenhill community that Mr. Fulton's vision 而且 mission continue to thrive today across the Greenhill campus - from innovative programming 而且 enriching 教师 experiences, to first rate athletic, 学术, 而且 arts facilities - the impact of giving to our School is profound.
The Advancement Office is dedicated to supporting this mission by nurturing lifelong relationships with our 校友 而且 families, securing financial resources through Greenhill基金 而且 养老 Funds while promoting Greenhill in the local 而且 national community.
On behalf of the students 而且 教师 that benefit from your support every day, thank you for your interest 而且 commitment to Greenhill School.
Chief Development Officer

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